The heart and soul of Cuba’s great musical tradition

In December of 2017, a group of Cuba’s finest emerging musicians joined the Muxía Music team at a small studio in Cienfuegos to create a special homage to one of the most revered Cuban singers of all time, Maria Teresa Vera.

Lo Que Dice Mi Cantar honors the great tradition of Cuban Trova with fresh arrangements and passionate performances that speak directly to the heart. The soaring vocal harmonies of Trio Palabras, and notable guests playing the tres, requinto, cavaquinho, classical guitar, acoustic bass, mandolin, laúd, and percussion, combine to create a profoundly beautiful example of this seldom-heard genre.

Trova is one of the principal roots of the Cuban musical tree. Founded in the 19th Century by the trovadores (troubadors) who traveled around the Eastern parts of Cuba, especially in the area of Santiago, Trova has played an important part in the evolution of Cuban music. It is a poetic, lyrical and sentimental art form, treasured for its ability to express universal human feelings and emotions. It has had ongoing cultural significance as well. Following the Cuban Revolution, Trova took on a new role, giving voice to the peoples’ thoughts and concerns about the new social order.

Muxía Music is focused on producing culturally significant acoustic music in high definition. We strive to capture this music faithfully, with the highest possible fidelity, on location where it lives and breathes. What you hear on our records are complete bands playing in a single space, all at once. We do not overdub, put headphones on artists, use click tracks, or employ excessive post processing. What you hear is very close to what we heard in the studio when the performance was actually happening. Lo Que Dice Mi Cantar was recorded in this way, with the finest equipment from Merging Technologies, AEA, Royer Labs, Neumann, Josephson Engineering, Microtek Gefell and Sennheiser.

This album is the result of a two- year effort full of logistical and political challenges, but also of joy and discovery. We are proud of the talented musicians on this album and the Muxia team, and send our sincerest thanks to our many friends who have helped bring this labor of love to fruition.

  • Recorded on location and mixed by
    Andrew Spindor
  • A&R & Field Production by
    Lee Lockwood
  • Mastered by
    Chris Bellman
    at Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • Executive Producer: Jim Laurel

Available: Spring 2019

Catalog: MUX101-VLP
MSRP: $34.99